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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A Natural Chic Saltwater Farm Vineyard Wedding by Justin & Mary

Today's wedding by Justin & Mary is near and dear to me for a special reason - it was held at Saltwater Farm Vineyard (the same place my reception was!) Designed by the bride & groom themselves; this wedding is the epitome of clean, earthy, chic goodness.  Add to that so many wonderful meaningful handmade details and a drop dead gorgeous couple, Esther & JC, and you have one heck of beautiful day.

A sparkling fall day, a positively glowing couple, and homemade detail #1 - the bride's dress!! The groom's aunt hand-sewed Esther's gorgeous gown; now that is an instant family heirloom.

Homemade detail #2 -  JC brewed all of the beer featured at the wedding. He even made customized crates for his company, Trillium Brewing and created labels for each kind of beer he brewed.  Stonington Pale Ale - yes please!

Homemade detail #3 - JC's relatives also made these fantastic tree stump cake stands - total and utter rustic perfection!

::sigh:: doesn't it make you wish you were there?  A huge congratulations to JC & Esther (who were one of the first weddings at Saltwater Farm Vineyard!) and thank you to Justin & Mary for sharing all of these wonderful captured moments from their big day!

Photographer:  Justin & Mary * Caterer:  Gourmet Galley Caterin
Floral Designer:  It's So Ranunculus * Reception Venue:  Saltwater Farm Vineyard
Cake by Toria Dolce

Friday, January 14, 2011

My kind of wear it again; a Wedding Dress on a Farm

Thursday, September 23, 2010

30 Days to Go!

And I am absolutely, positively, the most excited I have ever been about anything - EVER - in my life!  (Can only imagine how much more this excitement will grow by the day!)  30 days from today this will be us!

My little photo montage all made up of images from the Saltwater Farm Vineyard website.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Bathrooms: Wedding Bathroom Baskets

Yes, my design inspiration flows right into the restrooms at our reception!  Normally these rooms are not a part of the decorating scheme, aside from if the bride makes up a special "care package" to be placed in the bathrooms.  (In case some of you don't know what I'm referring to, these are typically cute little baskets containing necessities such as stain-stick, band-aids, safety pins, make up remover, aspirin, antacids, gum/mints, clear nail polish, floss, a lint brush, deodorant, moist toilette, and the list goes on.)  While we will provide these things for our guests, I also plan to "pretty up" the display with some vintage/rustic/french inspired goodies like some of these:

All of the above found at Farmhouse Wares;  aren't those mirrored trays fantastic?!  Would be beautiful used at home after the wedding on my dresser or in one of our bathrooms.

Carrying over with the mason jar lovin' from yesterday... another rustic/vintage fabulous piece that will be in the bathroom is this fun little beauty:

Midwest Finds on etsy sells these beauties in an array of colors and sizes...

This guy will also be sitting on my sink in the kitchen after our wedding!  So excited!

I also plan on printing a cute little poem and framing it to put on the vanity (at least in the ladies), something like:
Whether your skin feels dry
or your hair out of place.
You're not feeling so fresh
or whatever the case.
We've put together a basket
to help you along,
Now hurry back out
before you miss the next song!

*I did not write that and definitely saw it online somewhere and forgot to cite it - sorry! 

Because why shouldn't you carry the details out into every space at your wedding?!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Oh Wow... a beautiful South African Wedding

Still playing a bit of catch up on my wedding blogs and just stopped in my tracks when I was on Cap Classique.  Just take a little peak at this amazing venue in today's featured wedding.  It is a perfect meld of rustic & utilitarian design with the mix of wood and metal (something I am quite fond of as it reminds me slightly of SWF!)

I mean really, look at those high vaulted ceilings, beautiful stonework walls, and use wine barrels up at the alter area... does it get any better?

 plus I love those chairs!

and it's been a while since I've posted on my love of lighting but just look at these candles burning in the evening...
I cannot urge you enough to go an look at the entire lovely feature here on the Cap Classique blog.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Real Weddings at Saltwater Farm Vineyard

I admit it... I'm a crazy SWF Vineyard wedding stalker.  I love to search for images of other weddings there to see how other couples have transformed the space.  It's just so unique and beautiful - can't wait for our big day there!

A few from tonight's online search...

and look at this awesome terra cotta pot of lavender too!

GORGEOUS!!!  Photos via creativeimagecollections  and if the couple who's wedding this is sees this on here I hope you don't mind that I posted it. (if you do please email and I'll take it down)  You had a beautiful wedding - congratulations!!!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Our Wedding Save the Dates

  I barely even know where to begin with this post. I am so head over heels in love with our save the dates that it puts all of this extra pressure on me to get the post juuuust right. It has taken me forever to come up with the words to explain the process that was the inspiration, realization of vision, and actual creation of our save the dates  (and I still don't think I'm going to do it justice!) but here it goes...

  Let's set the stage and go waaay back to the beginning, in one of my first meetings with Sarah...
At the onset of our planning she highly recommended that I "just talk" to her design partner (the "Wesson" of the fabulous True&Wesson blog - a daily must-read!) Lucinda Wesson of Chocolate Creative Designs regarding "paper" ideas for our wedding. To be fully honest, at that time I was not quite sure what "paper" meant and was not really sure how important "paper" was to our wedding design. I had known that we would have to eventually choose invitations, save the dates, escort cards, but had not given much thought into how it would correspond with our overall wedding design.  
  After 2 rescheduled attempts at meetings (what a snowy winter we had in CT!) we opted to try an introductory phone call meeting instead.  I know it's an over-used saying but quite literally this was a "you had me at hello" scenario.  Lucinda's passion for design and her ever-flowing creativity poured through the phone.  In less than 5 minutes of speaking with her any uncertainty I had regarding "paper" had melted away.  When we hung up she left me with some homework to do.  First, I had to tell her things about Dan & I (separately and as a couple) likes, dislikes, loves, hates, anything about us that gave her a peak into our personalities and life together.  Second, I had to scour the internet for paper inspiration - even just the curve of 1 letter - if I saw something I liked she wanted me to send it to her.  (I have no clue how she managed to survive and organize my endless tidal wave of emails)  
  After a few weeks of this we reconvened, between my haphazard emails and this blog Lucinda had a proposal for me.  Not only could she see my vision for the wedding, she saw a way to send it out to our guests ahead of time; to give them a glimpse of what awaited them on our big day. "It sets the stage" she said... when she first mentioned the little burlap pouch idea I think I shrieked with glee (those of you who know me well enough can certainly imagine that) and my mind immediately started racing, filled with inspiration. Our next meeting was finally in person, at her gorgeous antique home (I have aspirations that ours will be even 10% as nice as hers someday) and ever since then it has been a match made in design heaven!

The Inspiration
   Inspired by vintage french seed bags, Lucinda crafted a custom design for us - using french inspired elements (a mixture of block and curled fonts, the epic fleur de lis) and played off the setting of our reception site, Saltwater Farm Vineyard, to create what I would imagine to be a seed bag SWF would have used some years ago. 

  A custom stamp for Dan & I (perhaps my favorite part) adorns the bottom corner and is used again on the mailing label. 

  The clues inside all correspond with our design and vision for the wedding; the cork is actually from a bottle SWF vineyard wine, the lavender and hay are a peak into elements which make up our rustic/Provencal/chic design, and the paper airplane (on a vintage french book page) is in homage to the fact that Saltwater Farm Vineyard was originally a WW2 aircraft hangar. 

 The hand cut, tea-stained paper tags were another vintage-y detail and a fun way to relay the actual save the date message in a way that did not interfere with the pouch design (we wanted the pouches to be a reusable keepsake for our guests) and actually accented it quite nicely!

  Lucinda I cannot even begin to thank you enough...  your enthusiasm, creativity, passion, and love for inspiration & design has influenced our wedding (and my design philosophy ) in more ways than I could ever begin to express.  You have taught me how to step back and observe while at the same time hone in on specific details.  Your method is so personal and I truly appreciate the meaning behind every idea and detail you create. In my wildest dreams I could not have imagined a more perfect save the date for our wedding!

p.s. can't wait to do the invitations! 

All of these pretty photos by Anna Sawin Photography

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Inspiration Board

I love looking at blog archives... they really are a great resource, particularly when looking for seasonal inspiration.  Today I was looking for fall wedding posts, and happily stumbled onto this "Rustic Purple" inspiration board  from an old 2008 post on Weddings Fresh - so pretty with the deep purples and warm wood tones. 

Looking at this made me realize that  I never posted the gorgeous inspiration board that Sarah made up for our wedding!  I am so in love with the design it makes me so happy every time I look at it! (which could easily be 10 times a day)

 See it in it's original post here at the True&Wesson blog.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Off to Saltwater Farm Vineyard...

Dan and I are headed up to Saltwater Farm Vineyard an open house  to check out some fun updates (new lighting, bridal suite room) and a bit of wine tasting... what a fun way to spend a Friday evening!

Since I haven't posted it yet, here are a few shots from a fantastic SWFV feature on Style Me Pretty back a month or so ago.  While not a "rustic chic" design, it really shows how versatile (and beautiful) the space is!

Love the fireplace...

And the wooden-planked walls...

And definitely check out the film that goes with this shoot:  here! to see more of the vineyard.

Happy Friday!

Monday, January 18, 2010

A Saltwater Farm Vineyard Wedding

Because I am just head-over-heels in love with our reception site, this entire post will contain some beautiful and (wedding) inspirational pictures of Saltwater Farm Vineyard.  It is a location unlike any other we looked at, and truly lends itself perfectly to a rustic chic vibe.

From the SWF website "Saltwater Farm Vineyard is set on more than 100 panoramic acres - 15 of which are planted with six varieties of grapes, and bordered by tidal marshes, a cove and vistas of Long Island Sound, near the historic New England coastal village of Stonington, Connecticut.   The centerpiece of the bucolic property, which has a small private airport dating to the late 1930s, is a World War II - vintage hangar, designed by the late architect John W. Lincoln, a colleague of Walter Gropius. The hangar, opening onto terraces and the vineyard, has been preserved and converted into a winery. The seamlessly renovated building showcases a vaulting roof, silvery milled aluminum exterior, the original interior wood sheathing and, dominating the airy room and gathering places, handsome and massive timber trusses."

A few of the exterier;

 photo by Josh Behan Photography courtesy of the SWF website


photo by Dennis Rano Photography, courtesy of SWF website 

The entryway;
Maggie Conley photography, courtesy of SWF website

A sneak peak glimpse of the entry-hall;

Maggie Conley photography, courtesy of SWF website

An aerial view of the property;

photo courtesy of SWF website 

A quick view of the interier (while hosting a wedding);

black dog photography courtesy of the SWF website

And an inspiration board from an actual 2008 True Event wedding (click to see Sarah's post) at the vineyard:

Monday, November 2, 2009

Wedding Reception Spaces: An Outdoor Lounge at your Wedding

Since Saltwater doesn't have a designated cocktail hour reception space we are hoping to create one using one of the outside patios and its loft area. (another great Sarah idea!)

Let's start with a fireplace to quell that October evening chill...


...and maybe a neat shabby-chic vintage tufted couch like this (bonus - I could put it in my living room afterward!)...

... a tree stump end-table or two...

...some pretty yard stake vases to mark the perimeter of the space...

 ...a few more seats (with some decorative throw blankets and pillows)...

...and of course, as we are at a vineyard, a wine barrel table...