What is Rustic Chic?

When I describe our wedding design as a "rustic chic inspired" often the response is a semi-blank stare; followed by a response such as (depending on how polite the person is) "and what exactly does that mean?"  Naturally I don't mind explaining it, in fact I LOVE to discuss it, but all of these questioning looks have gotten me thinking that I should probably give a short explanation of what Rustic Chic means (at least what it means to me).  If you look around the blog you will probably get a feel for it through the photographs and images I have posted, but in the best words I can muster, Rustic Chic is the slightly comfortable/worn feeling of rusticness  mixed with a chic and elegant with a twist of shimmer. 

It is a chandelier hanging in a barn...

a table decorated with fantastic burlap "linens" accented with pieces of antique silver...

a classic flower arrangement with a bit of wheat accent mixed in...

Other words I may use to further the description (pending my mood):

shimmering pink & peaches
twinkling lights
slightly vintage
french influence / Provencal  (this is specific to my wedding)
organic / eco-minded
burlap and fabulous textured linens
tiny soft floral prints
antique silver
a touch of whimsy

list to be continued as I think of more...

What do the words rustic chic conjure up in your pretty mind????