About Me... Hi!  I'm Erin, an October 2010 bride who enjoyed every moment of the wedding planning process.  I thrive on finding inspiration everyday in the beautiful world all around me, all in pursuit of creating the perfect Rustic Chic design. I simply adore everything about weddings, especially all of the meaningful and pretty details which go into them. But most of all I think I love weddings because they are an amazing celebration of love; and don't we need more of that in this world?

So why the name Sparkle & Hay?
Because Shimmer & Straw didn't sound as cute!  I came up with the name because these are two of the elements which make up a part of the Rustic Chic inspiration. The "hay" (actually straw or wheat is more aesthetically pleasing) signifies the rustic part, with a little bit of sparkle/shimmer representing the "chic" aspect.

How to get in touch
See anything special you like and want to chat about it?  Have any questions, comments, or just want to say hi?  I love to talk all things rustic chic, weddings, and whatever else you may find inspiring in life! 

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 *Photos by Anna Sawin Photography, Design by Chocolate Creative Design