Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Hay Seating

Hay.  One of the quintessential elements,to me, of a Rustic Chic event... Hey - (no pun intended) I even used it to title this blog!  Such a versatile object, one can dress it up, dress it down, scatter it around, gather it in bundles, or even make SEATING out of it.  One of my very favorite ideas to be incorporated into our wedding is a comfortable yet chic lounge area; and you can bet there will be some form of a hay seating element as a part of it!

A hay couch

Hay loveseats
images via getmarried.com  and  snazzyjazzy

Hay coffee table/seating

 and it works with such a variety of color palettes...


Look - you could even do it at home for a summer party - or a shower, how fun!

I would, however, suggest adding some cushioning or a blanket to protect bare legs from being scratched.

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  1. Thanks for sharing these great shots :) I am doing an outdoor baby shower in May and had my table setting for brunch all planned, but was clueless for a set up for the actual gift opening portion. I love the second to last picture. It will work perfectly! Problem solved! Thanks!