Saturday, January 2, 2010

Carrying the Rings

Such a simple but elegant idea - I'm borrowing this entire post from BLUSH, click here to see the original. 

"I came across the loveliest idea! This comes from the wedding of peonies.and.polaroids. Determined to do what felt right, she and her betrothed liked the idea of each looking after the other’s ring until the ceremony. They were never able to understand how or why the best man* came to be in possession of the wedding rings, or a four year old boy*, or a dog for that matter*!

As there weren’t any pockets on her dress trying it around her wrist seemed like the best idea. She had someone tie it on just before the ceremony so there wasn't time for the knot to come undone and for her to lose it, then when we get to the ring exchange The Boy helped her untie it.

*Forever diplomatic I would like to state that there is nothing wrong with these ideas! Just one girl’s opinion."

1 comment:

  1. That is true why does the best man have the rings? hmmm.

    This is a cute idea.